Culinary Expertise

PMG has access to over 50 trained culinary chefs with a focus on creating a product that will separate you from the competition. We deliver custom engineered protein and food products that focus on high quality, cost reduction, innovation, and food safety.

Research and Development

Our staff possesses over 300 years of combined protein and food technology experience. We work in the most economic way to deliver you a product made unique to your concept. We achieve effective cost management reduction, tracking market conditions daily, engineering custom products to help our customers stay informed, ahead of the market trends, and make prudent buying decisions.

Strategic Sourcing

With over 100 participating manufacturers, PMG sources what our customers want, while other suppliers sell what they make. We start with our customer’s goals and objectives, and then develop real solutions designed to suit specific needs.

Project Management

We are a full-service company for all your protein and food related product needs. Our team of professionals support you while expediting the process.